Before I clawed my way out of working in emergency medicine I was moonlighting as a photographer but still working in an ER. One of my fellow medics at the hospital quickly clicked with my dark humor, off beat style, and drive to do what ever I wanted in life. Though we both went our separate ways we have always stayed in contact but hadn’t seen each other in person in many years. So, when I got a message saying his family needed some updated family pictures I was really looking forward to seeing all of them. OKC family photos are great because being based i Shawnee I get out of town for a few hours, get to explore some of the spots I’ve picked out but haven’t been able to shoot in yet, &  just explore. Documenting anyone’s family is important but someone you have history with, seeing their kids grow, being a part of their family dynamic for a shot time is a gift. 

We met up in Midtown Oklahoma City the old blugarten food truck park. They had said they wanted some grit and maybe some graffiti style background as well as standard portraits. I love that idea and remembered seeing construction in the area of the Visit OKC Murals in that area. When we got there we snapped a few by the walls and even on some unused construction materials before heading down the street on a nice walk photographing in places I had picked out before hand as well as some that just kind of fell in our laps. By the time we made a circle around midtown it was right at dark. Such a blast hanging out with them. Check out a few of my favorites from these OKC Family Photos.