I'm Tom,

I was born & raised here in Shawnee, OK. Growing up in Shawnee Fire Stations with my grandfather, learning about photography from my mother as she touched up blemishes with oil paint on film negatives then progressing on to photoshop & other tools at a local photography studio, & in adulthood working in emergency medicine in both the ambulance as well as the ER has all given me a lot of life to draw on.

Years ago when my wife & I wanted to start our own business but were to poor to pay for digital marketing services like SEO I used my ADHD to our advantage teaching myself little by little with trial & error. Fast forward through years of successes, failures, 4 children, losing everything in a devastating house fire, traveling to working in the hardest hit emergency departments in the country in NYC during the first wave of Covid & finishing my Bachelors in between it all I find that it's all very similar. People will say 'what a leap from Emergency Services to Digital Marketing' but I don't really find that to be true.

Everything you do in life is about communicating, connecting, & helping people. That's my goal. To seek out people who have a passion for what they do & help them connect with people so they can share it with their community.

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