Picking a photographer is hard enough but finding someone who jives with your family is almost as important as anything. Unique family photo locations are a way to really change things up. The last thing you want is a photographer using the same location at ten other photographers so while the photos are great they are standard. If that’s what you are needing out of that shoot then great! Sometimes though you just want something different or maybe turn the family photo session into an experience so everyone doesn’t hate it or fight you to go along. Maybe you do something unique so they look forward to it the next time you say you booked a session. There are a lot of Oklahoma family photographers out there doing amazing things right now. I’m always excited to see what style someone is developing or new mini session ideas they are doing. When I started in family photography over a decade ago it wasn’t supportive at all. Photographers would guard family session locations like it was their baby. In the very beginning I remember looking at other photographers all over the country as well as Oklahoma City wondering how they all knew these secrets that I couldn’t figure out. In the end there were no secrets and everything I ever wanted to know was learned the hard way. While that was harder it made me who I am and I don’t hate that. It’s also really driven me to be a resource for anyone wanting to learn something. If you want to learn how to do something like photographer others people should be excited for you and help.

Unique Family Photo Locations In Oklahoma

One of my favorite things is finding new ways to do something that most people are doing the same way. The best thing about being a photographer is it’s so interpretive. Hire 5 different photographers to shoot the same session and you will get at least 3 wildly different outcomes. So I thought I would take a second today and share a few of my favorite unique Oklahoma family photos ideas for when you are trying to avoid the standard portrait session in a field or on a couch. As always don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or would like to book some photos.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge Photography

The Wildlife Refuge in Comanche County in southwest Oklahoma is like you have been transported to another part of the country. Actually multiple different parts of the country because within the park there are lots of amazing places. There are spots like the one in the featured photo that are mountains with water running through them giving you almost a New Mexico or Colorado feel right here in Oklahoma. Other spots such as the parallel forrest are the most beautiful but haunting places you’ll ever visit. The parallel forrest was a project of the federal government about the time of the dust bowl. Workers were hired to plant a forrest and they did it by meticulously planting each tree perfectly spaced. The result is several acres of trees that are completely in line with each other no matter the direction you look. Hit this spot any time of day because the sun is held back by the tree cover, hit this spot at golden hour and you’ll create amazing photos, visit this spot about dusk as the park is closing and you’ll probably be freaked out because it is straight out of an old school horror movie!

unique family photo locations oklahoma Wichita mountains wildlife refuge photography

Camp Out Photo Shoot + Camp Fire Photos

This one’s not hard. So you don’t have a fire pit no problem a chiminea will work just fine. $10 worth of goodies for supplies and you’ve got yourself a super cute unique Oklahoma family photography shoot idea! The photos can be amazing just documenting the fun and then when it’s time for the everyone smile kind of family photo that grandma’s going to want, it’s so much easier to get that when we are all on a marshmallow s’more high.

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Chickasaw National Recreation Area Photography | Sulphur Oklahoma

This place is other worldly. You can not go to a bad spot. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area has roaming buffalo, forests with great paths that are clear but photograph rugged, multiple small to medium sized waterfalls that you can get right up into safely, old stone structures, and my personal favorite are the streams. So many areas are only ankle deep with smooth rocks under the clear but cold water you just can’t go wrong. It’s located in Sulphur Oklahoma so it’s not too far away if you are in the OKC metro area. Take a lunch and make a day of it!

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